Woo-hoo you’re engaged and you’re planning to get married. Fantastic, congratulations to both of you!

When two people come together to announce their lifelong love for each other they do so with the intention of having their perfect ceremony that brings both their hearts together in the presence of family and friends that will last a lifetime.

So what is the perfect ceremony?

It’s two people that have a desire to share in something really special. It’s creating a moment in beautiful surroundings with family and friends that push the stop button on time so that all your loved ones can be present to see and hear the story of two loving people that are willing to commit the rest of their lives together.

It’s about family and friends that acknowledge your love, and by being present at your wedding, they’re offering their blessings, they’re saying YES to you. It’s the sharing of deeply meaningful and heartfelt words to each other. It’s honouring and celebrating everything that brought you together on this life’s’ journey, and it’s everything both of you are looking forward to in the years to come as you both grow together- yes that’s the perfect wedding.

Weddings, big, small, intimate or even as a surprise can be created, indoors or out. They’re about two people who are blissfully happy and in love, nothing else really matters.

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