The Surprise Wedding

Is it a modern day trend to combine both the engagement party as well the actual wedding into one celebration? There’s a whole lot of reasons why couples are choosing this option. It may be a financial decision, it could be family drama or even time constraints. It could also be that you just want to get married with little fuss and you want the wedding to be exactly as you want it to be without all the input from family and friends. 

Weddings are beautiful irrespective of how it is planned or organised. A surprise wedding adds a slightly different twist that provides an opportunity to capture some pretty amazing photographs as guest arrive. How your family and friends truly feel about the surprise is the tell all moment that is often talked about long after the wedding is over.

One of the easiest ways to make it happen is to host a party, such as an engagement party, arrange a lunch and photo shoot with the family, a house warming get together or even a birthday party. Disguising the wedding as something else can be whatever you want it to be.

Plan Ahead – tips

  • To tell your parents about your surprise wedding or not? It really depends on how they will take the surprise. If you truly believe they will be happy and totally OK with it, then keep it a secret. If there is a slight possibility that the surprise will result in a little bit of anger rearing it’s ugly head, then telling and including them in the whole plan is what you will need to do. Whatever you decide just make sure you either tell or not tell, and make sure it’s the same for both sides.
  • Work with your chosen Celebrant, confide in them, they sure can be a big help on the day. Your Celebrant can make the formal announcement that will get the attention of your guests.
  • Ensure you have two witnesses over the age of 18 years to sign the register and other relevant documents.
  • Do send out formal invitations. Be clear with the information and include a personal heartfelt note to ensure that the people that you truly want to be at your ceremony, will be there. Let them know how important their presence is to you.
  • The groom needs to be at the venue before all the guests arrive. He’s the meet and greet man, the one who will be mingling with the guests prior to the bride making her grand entrance. He can also sneak off to get changed without anyone noticing.

Finally, your wedding day is one special moment in your lives, it’s a time to join together as one with hopes, goals, and dreams. A time to announce your lifelong love and commitment together as partners. It’s an incredible day that is celebrated with joy, a day that is cherished and is filled with promises, it’s one magical moment that lasts a lifetime.