Planning Your Rustic Wedding

Rustic Weddings on a farm with horses, yes, sure I can do that!

Its become very apparent that my love of horses and living on a farm that’s a little bit rustic is popular to the couples I chat with. Rustic is gorgeous, it works and looks amazing in photos.

Take a look at my ten tips for a Rustic Ceremony:

BOOTS – Yes go with the boots ladies and of course you guys will look amazing too. Ask your guests to wear boots.

HATS – Akubra style, wow what a look for the guys

LACE – Ladies, get your lace on. You will look stunningly beautiful

DECORATE – Use burlap, lots of lace, chalkboards and mason jars wrapped in twine

HAY BALES – Go for the square bales, they’ll make the perfect seats for your guests

HORSES -Y, capture beautiful photos with horses.

WHEELBARROWS – Lots of fun can be had with wheelbarrows, they’re great photo moments.

WAGONS – Decorate an old wagon with flower pots, vines, ribbons, and lace. They make gorgeous photo props

LOG SLICES – Get some wood and chop slices out, use these to make signs or use stumps for candles.

CANS or TINS – Use cans and tins for flowers, line a path with them they’ll look great.

WHITE CURTAINS – Hang these from verandah posts & tree branches. They look amazing in photos.