L.O.V.E. Ceremonies

Unity celebrations are a great way to symbolise the bringing together of two individuals into one partnership and at times, the blending of families. Unity is also a title used for the purpose of incorporating rituals into a ceremony, rituals such as the sand, water, candle and handfasting which are known to be the more common types.

L.O.V.E ceremonies is a term that I came up with that represents two people coming together with immense love for each other in a ceremony, it’s a word that I feel best describes what a commitment, renewal of vows and same-sexlove-954983_640_story ceremony is.

Two people that share love, share life and live with an inseparable loving bond, they entrust one another with their innermost feelings and with their hearts. Their bond between is strengthened by the love they share and it is this love that brings them together to become a part of each other.  It’s an incredible closeness, a wholeness of the soul and a gift of love to and for each other. It’s a deep desire urging to come forth to announce a lifelong journey together, a commitment, a sacred vow and it calls for a ceremony.

L.O.V.E ceremonies are not legally binding ceremonies, I offer an provide a service for couples that wish to join together, announce their love as well as their commitment to each other for life and just like these ceremonies, a renewal of vows is an occasion to celebrate a long lasting happy marriage. Renewing one’s vows provides an opportunity and an occasion for couples to look at their marriage to see all the wonderful things that they are grateful for and they’re an inspiration to family and friends who have been witness to the love and strength the couple has shared over the years.


Commitment Ceremonies

forvere-and-alwaysIn our ever-changing world, couples seek to commit their lives to one another in a ceremony that reflects their values and their life with each other. Commitment  ceremonies  celebrate LOVE, they’re a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to each other which is announced and shared with family and friends.

These ceremonies can include rituals, vows & promises with all the trimmings plus kisses and of all the love just like a formal wedding ceremony, except there is no legal paperwork. The occasion can be created with poetry, readings, and music that holds special meaning for both of you.

Bringing couples together to make a commitment of love for life will is deeply meaningful – and this what I want for you and your life partner.

Your commitment to one another is something so special, I will present you with a beautiful certificate which can be signed by all parties as a keepsake of your commitment ceremony.

Whatever your choices in ceremony style and presentation are, I am more than happy to work with you to co-create your ideal ceremony, I have lots of ideas on how we can do this.

Renewal Of Vows – Your Love Journey Continues

Anniversaries are special and what better way to honour the years both you and your partner have shared than with a “Renewal Of Vows Ceremony.”

Regardless of the time couples have been together and married, celebrating a renewal of vows is a very special we-still-dotime, it’s a time when couples give thanks for the years passed, affirm their ongoing commitment to each other, reminisce on the highlights of their relationship, laugh at all the funny things and reflect upon the sad and most challenging times.

Whether it’s been 10 or 25 years since you took the plunge to be married, your dedication to each other is a milestone. What you have together, has been built on a foundation of strength all tied together with love and strong commitment.

Declaring your love for each other again, allows ceremony space to open up and to forever continue the joining of two hearts and two hands, it’s the essence of a sacred relationship that has been so lovingly blessed.

With a renewal of vows ceremony,  you can wear what you like, say what you like, invite whoever you like and celebrate it in your style, just the way you like it.

To honour your special day I will gift you with a beautifully presented certificate as well as a copy of your fabulous ceremony.

Same Sex Ceremonies

So you and your partner are ready to take another step in your relationship and you’re wanting to formally announcegar-brides your relationship and your commitment to each other with a ceremony.

Love is what it is,  it’s a feeling, an emotion,  a deep connection,  even an energetic vibration that is shared between the hearts of two consenting people regardless of gender. In fact, love is a life feeling that can be unexplainable, and it’s often too hard to put into words, simply because the use of words is unable to match the expression of what one feels.

To make a promise to love and share a life with another person for the rest of your life is the greatest commitment a person can make to their partner. A beautifully created ceremony in the presence of your family and friends marks the first moments of the rest of your lives together as life-long partners. It’s a ceremony that reflects who you both are and one that symbolises your love to each other with all your promises and all your vows. It brings yome_same-sexur deepest feelings to the surface to be publicly announced and what better way to do that than with a ceremony.

At the moment same-sex marriages are not a legal option in Australia, however taking a step to honour your relationship in front of the people that mean the most to you can be done, and it is a very special and significant life moment.