5 Tips For Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is easy and the ceremony can be anything you want it to be.

Take a look my five tips for Renewing Your Wedding Vows

UPDATE YOUR VOWS: Yes, absolutely do that! Step into 2016 and give your past vows a makeover. It may be 20 years or more since you last wrote your vows, for sure you have grown and changed quite a bit since then. So bring your past into the present.

BE CREATIVE: You have loads of memories, so go ahead and incorporate your favorite moments into your new vows. Play with words and match them to your most cherished memories. Make a statement, like “We Still Do.” Themed ceremonies are great, the options are truly endless.

ADD SOMETHING SPECIAL: You’ve both still got your wedding rings, so if it is possible to get them engraved this time round with the date of the vow renewal ceremony or even with a few words

KEEP IT SMALL & SIMPLE: If you both had the big wedding the first time around then make this one a little intimate. It can be just for the two of you, OR just family and a few close friends. On the flip side, if you had the small wedding or even eloped, then, by all means, do it differently this time.

HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND AWAY: Now let’s get a step ahead on the romance side of things. You have done a lot over the years you have been together, but when was the last time you did anything that involved some romance or even something a bit more spontaneous? Think outside the normal box, add some spark or just do something you have never done before.